Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week 31 ~ warmth

Securely nestled in the arms of long days filled with sun and perhaps a slower more languid pace, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are keenly aware of the season, and the warmth we’ve so long been hoping for.  It is in celebration of that awareness that some of us focus our lenses on warm colors. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, focus on the warmth of the colors around us will, perhaps, bring with it a bit of comfort against the cold days.

A little bit about warm color:

Warm colors rev us up and get us going. The warmth of red, yellow, or orange can create excitement or even anger. Warm colors convey emotions from simple optimism to strong violence, tend to evoke boldness, and express warmth, comfort, excitement and energy . In nature, warm colors represent change as in the changing of the seasons or the eruption of a volcano. Warm colors are those that tend to advance in space so that a red room feels smaller and more intimate than a blue room.       

Yellow : active, alert, bright, cautious, cheery, communicative, confident, energetic, expansive, expressive, extroverted, fearful, friendly, golden, happy, idealist, imaginative, intelligent, inspiring, intuitive, joyful, lively, logical, optimist, philosophical, playful, satisfied, spontaneous, stimulating, shiny, thoughtful, uncertain, vital, warm, warning, young

Orange : active, changing, charismatic, competent, creative, disordered, dry, emotional, energetic, exotic, explosive, extravagant, flexible, flavourful, fun, good, happy, healthy, humorous, independent, jumpy, motivating, provocative, secure, sociable, stimulating, succesful, tropical, vibrant, visible, warning, welcoming, wild

Red : active, alert, aggressive, ambitious, ardent, attractive, brave, brilliant, charming, commanding, courageous, dangerous, dominating, dynamic, eccentric, emotional, energetic, erotic, excited, hot, impulsive, irritable, lively, loving, lucky, mad, passionate, patriotic, popular, powerful, revolutionary, sensual, sexual, strong, successful, warm

Pink  : calming, delicacy, ethereal, femininity, freshness, friendship, good will, health, innocence, love, nurturing, passivity, peace, pure, romance, sweet smelling, truth, young, emotional healing, affection, emotional maturity, caring 

Fuschia, Magenta : appreciation, cheerful, compassion, eccentric, exiting, fidelity, future, joy, harmony, highest order, kindness, meditation, nuturing, romance, spirituality, tropical

(borrowed from colorlab)

week 31 mosaic

 Cory “I had just taken some allergy pills that make me feel pretty loopy so I toasted some sliced focaccini to hopefully take the edge off. Mmmm. Focaccini. “

Rachel “I was busy in my white (turned gray by cloudy skies) kitchen unloading the dishwasher. When the moment struck, I look around for the warmest colors I could find. My precious furry babies food dish was what I locked onto”

Aziza (who shows us just how beautifully cool colors compliment the warm ones) “I was flying to the UK where I am going to spend the Summer with my family.”

From warm to hot, the beloved flickr group

week31groupmosaic1b copy


the berry thief  *  cookie jar 10:21  *   warm peppers


week31groupmosaic2b copy 

My moment,week 31 10:27 EST time  *  all I need is a moment wk 31   

warmth = sweetpeas & painted nails  *  june 24, 2006, 10:27 am

week31groupmosaic3b copy

all i need is a moment – warmth  *  warm rusty color moment [10:27]  * 

Moment 31  *  10:27 today...  *  All I need is a Moment

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week 30 ~ R e l a x


take one's ease

be less formal, or less restrained, and assume a friendlier manner

make less severe or strict

make less active or fast

Friday, June 19th at 5:13 p.m.

Given that week 30’s moment occurred on a Friday it seemed only appropriate that our minds be turned toward thoughts of relaxation. For many of us we the term seemed to be closely related to the comfort and sanctuary of our beds and of loved ones. Others found relaxation in the ritual of food and drink, while others still found slack in the focusing on objects and light. Whatever our interpretation, or yours, I think we find that it’s a task worthy of our attention, our devotion, as often as we can, if only for a moment at a time.  

Week 30 mosaic


Kristin - “my bedroom, glass of lemonade in a mason jar, a new to me book waiting, and newly thrifted vintage sheets on a freshly made bed. “

Rachel - “My son was blowing bubbles and I thought... what it would be to float... just float... in a moment. So, I did.  “

Cory – “I had just curled up on my favorite blanket with one of my favorite snacks - DARK chocolate covered pretzel twists from Trader Joe's. Oh, yum. Sorry, I didn't save any... “

Aziza – Her moment was more about preparing for relaxation. “my relaxing Friday went like this: photo editing. photos editing and more photo editing:) to wrap up my clients work before traveling. so relaxing.”


The flickr group relaxes like nobody’s business


week 30 group mosaic1b copy

week 30 group mosaic4b copy

aussieguera  - Cosi!pink.goldfishNaturallyClare                      DebbsGaShootingSunsetrhonda gibsonredorgray     


week 30 group mosaic3b copyweek 30 group mosaic2b copy

xandtheberkeleysusiej35Maria Kallin 

zen grannyMs mimisabine’s fotos


Our hearts and support go out to Kristin this week who has just suffered the loss of a friend. We might not have known your friend but we all know loss and we grieve with you my dear. Love and light to you always.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Week 29 - Grounded

It's oh so easy to feel adrift, disconnected, unmoored, for any of us. Tempted as I am to say that it's a symptom of the current political and economic atmosphere, I think it can happen at any time in our lives, at any time in the world's history. We get busy, we get obligated to people and tasks that are not unworthy but can lure us away from our foundation, our sincerest sense of being.

If this week's theme "grounded" is metaphoric of anything it's a visual representation of what "the moment" project is all about. Simple, in the moment, noticing, being, reflecting, grounding us in our lives, has always been the point.

I'm (Rachel) no stranger to feeling unmoored and adrift. I find it is a more common state of being for me than any other and maybe that is how this project came to be. There are times I push it away, moan silently about the work and time it takes, drag my feet, emotionally kick and curse… but I know I need it and that the work, the effort, the dedication even when it's not easy, is grounding. I need that in whatever form it comes. And, when I can see clearly, when I've been grounded and slowed to a pace that allows me to hear, I am educated. I am taught lesson upon lesson that culminate to a growing understanding of how to live a good life. For that I am in awe, with humble gratitude.

Week 29 mosaic four b copy


Kristin  “road tripping. and our very first daisy bloomed today. taking it with us for good luck.”

Aziza “my feet and my little boy’s”

Cory “I was admiring all the leaf shapes and colors around me so I began to pick from each of my favorites to count and compare”



The inspirational and thoroughly grounded Flickr group

Week 29 Cory's mosaic copy

mosaic by Cory 

CharlaneG, zen granny, Emma Bradshaw, rhonda gibson

redorgray, keli h, susie j, aussieguera,

Kathryn Froilan, xantheberkeley, hollyindavis

Debbsga, Just Ree

Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 28 ~ Texting

This week's optional theme had photographers focused on text, in any form. From Starbucks' cups to garbage trucks, from PTA meetings to Foreigner concerts, from bath time to coffee time to the exact moment's time, our group found creative ways to reflect on & share their worlds through the text found around them. It's a simple part of life that can easily go unnoticed yet also be so telling about place and lifestyle, routine and adventure, family, occupation, even love.

All of these images were taken by different photographers across the globe at the same moment, Wednesday, June 3rd at 7:32 p.m.


Week 28 Mosaic copy

Kristin {Maine} makes a pit stop with her mom for some chocolate dipped, strawberry ice cream. Yum is right.

Cory {Maryland} The number two makes a subtle appearance on an old reliable creative tool as Cory prepares canvases for artistic magic.

RC {Los Angeles} tallies up the carnage amidst a marathon week of grading school papers. A drain on one's pocketbook yet a boost to one's energy, Starbucks is such a beloved paradox.

Aziza {Kuwait} submerged in her love of photography, she clicks away at the magazines on her table.

Rachel {Seattle} is deep into two new obsessions (1 - reading books on her iphone with the help of the Amazon Kindle app & 2 - The Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlane Harris) while flying home from an overnight jaunt to San Diego.


Copious Texting via The Flickr Group (join in!)

Every one of these photos has a story. Click on the photographers names to read about them.

Week 28 flickr group mosaic a copy

 Naturally Clare }{  redorgray  }{  keli h  }{  hilwegner  }{  susie j 35  }{  aussieguera  }{  amy mcgibbon

Week 28 flickr group mosaic b copy

debbsga  }{  ryan ferdinand  }{  non negotiable  }{  CharlaneG  }{  Kathryn Froilan  }{  zen granny

Week 28 flickr group mosaic c copy  xantheberkeley  }{  Chessiekitty  }{  rhonda gibson  }{  hollyindavis  }{  sabine”s fotos



Friday, June 5, 2009

Week 27 ~ Finding Beauty

As this project continues to grow, we have decided to up the ante this week by adding an optional theme to consider when the moment strikes: find the most beautiful thing around you. The most wonderful part of this week was that each photographer did find beauty and in so many different ways. Be it in comfort, love, memories, aesthetics, or peace… beauty abounded! This serves as a reminder that we are indeed surrounded by beauty at any given moment.

All of these images were taken by different photographers across the globe at the same moment,

 3:59 p.m. on Tuesday, May 26th.Week 27 mosaic copy

Finding beauty

Clockwise from top left:

Cory (Maryland) was commuting back home from visiting art museums in Washington, D.C. She had just sat down as the moment was about to occur and searched for the most beautiful thing around her (besides her husband in the next seat) and zoomed in over the heads of the other commuters in the bus to snap a shot of the National Museum of the American Indian.

Kristin (Maine) was found in a quiet house (a real blessing with 3 children!). The most beautiful things to her when the moment struck were napping down the hall. Knowing her son was a sound sleeper, she snuck into the room he was sleeping captured the peaceful calm of this moment. Beauty has blessed her in many forms this time!

Aziza (Kuwait) was found in her bedroom when the moment occurred. Looking for the most beautiful thing around her, her eyes rested on her book collection. To her, this was the most beautiful thing in the room. What beauty those bindings are and the treasures those pages contain!

RC (California) was planning for summer knitting projects and playing with ideas and beautiful yarn from... centuries... of collecting. The most beautiful thing at the moment was a trinket of a memory - a small heart panel for a sweetheart sweater that she started long ago.

- - - Rachel is missed this week, but she can find beauty and solace that there will always be another moment waiting for her next week. - - -






And the beauty continues in contributions from our ever evolving flickr group

Week 27 flickr group mosaic copy

* aussieguera * susiej35 * Kathryn Froilan * rhonda gibson * Just Ree * cosi! * debbsga * hollyindavis *