Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Week Thirteen ~ Caught

week 13 mosaic final

All of these images were taken by different photographers across the globe at the same moment, 2:28 p.m. on Tuesday, February 17th.

Clockwise from top right:

Caught in action or in thought this week

Cory ~ was caught off guard when the moment snuck up on her as she worked at her laptop. Grabbing the camera and quickly snapping away she shot this photo of left over paint on her palette, from creating greeting cards.

Sebrina ~ caught sight of this little scene where her children had been playing tea party with some stuffed buddies.

RC ~ dealing with the special kind of stress that only teacher can understand, caught her breath and was anticipating the festivities of fat Tuesday, the feasting before Lent.

Kristin ~ was caught up in a moment of dreamy elsewhere-ness as she exited The Academy of Natural Sciences museum in Philadelphia, where she was on the run from the cold and snow in Maine with her family.

Aziza ~ took a step back and admired all the little moments caught in pixels and printed onto her first set of tiny moo cards.

Rachel ~ at a late lunch with her boys (hubby and son), caught the boy intently searching out the window on pier 54 for the last signs of the ferry boat cruising just out of sight. Boats are a new addition to his obsession over anything motorized or mechanical.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Week Twelve ~ wonder and majesty

week 12 mosaic copy    Friday, February 13, 2009 5:01pm

left to right

Cory ~ catches a glimpse of the wonder and majesty of nature turning with time toward dark, in her computer screen. (She was working on her laptop and happened to notice, in it’s high gloss screen, the sneaky sunset brewing out the window behind her)

Sebrina ~ catches a glimpse of her son in the throws of the wonder and majesty of pure childhood joy. (She was scrambling to find her camera for “the moment” and happened to find Zander jumping on her bed)

Kristin ~ catches a glimpse of the wonder and majesty of love she feels for her husband, and sets it down on paper. ( This was a Valentine gift to her dear hubby, later to be tucked in a paper fortune cookie, for him.)

RC ~ catches a glimpse of the wonder and majesty of the tradition of celebrating love, every year on the same day, in the digital pixels that will be tokens of love for her loves. (She was working her creative magic with some Valentine greetings, and found the beauty in the pixels on her computer screen)

Aziza ~ catches the simple wonder and majesty in a perfect lavender rose. (She was inspired to do some flower shots by the romance of the season.)

Rachel ~ catches a glimpse of the wonder and majesty of exploration, of familiarity in a new place, in finding that home can be found so far from home. (She was driving around downtown Seattle, after an hours spent in blissful glee at the Seattle train station. The glee was held by her who found so many old and interesting things to photograph, and her son and hubby, who have a passion for trains.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Week Eleven

Monday ~ February 2, 2009 ~ 1:43 pm

Rachel is in the middle of moving to the gorgeous and amazing Pacific Northwest so I (Cory) have assembled the mosaic for this week. Normally it is Rachel that is the artistic superstar running that end of our project and, now, after filling her shoes for a bit, I can truly appreciate the wonderful work she does. Here's to wishing her a safe move!

A moment of celebration. Whether it is the celebration of love, peace, beauty, or nature...we were all caught up in a moment where we could find joy. Some with the world, some all by our lonesome...but all connected by the Moment. I'm always thrilled how far apart we may be but how in sync we are without even knowing

Clockwise from top right:

RC ~ was in the middle of running cross-town errands but somehow found a moment of beauty and flora to sneak in among those of traffic and chaos.

Rachel ~ had a brief lull in the prelude to moving to another corner of the country and used the rare moment alone to reflect on all the changes, both great and small, that she’s seen in the process. A moment that brought her great joy.

Cory ~ was getting in touch with the peaceful solitude of nature in winter and celebrated World Wetlands Day by taking a hike at a local salt marsh.

Sebrina ~ had just come in from grocery shopping with an armload of Valentine’s Day chocolate Kisses that her children had convinced her to buy, about to sit down and enjoy them with tea.

Aziza ~ was trying to catch up on her reading (having fallen prey to the time-consuming amazement of the wonderful and artistic network of Flickr) since she didn't have the time to continue this book.

Kristin ~ was playing with her food and propped up some iconic Valentine’s Day candy hearts on her windowsill.