Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 26 ~ 6th month milestone

Yay! We’ve turned 6 months old!! We are so excited and honored to be still here, still going, still growing… that more and more souls want to join us, be part of the moment with us. It’s an amazing thing and I feel as if it’s only just beginning.

All of these images were taken by different photographers across the globe at the same moment, Friday, May 22nd at 4:21 p.m.

Week 26 mosaic copy

Welcoming Newness


Clockwise from top right

Cory, in Maryland, reflects on a day of absorbing history and culture in our nation's capital during the day. Having an adventurous spirit and a new residence close to D.C., I'm sure we will be seeing a lot of new sights through her eyes.

Rachel, in Seattle, settled for a moment in a new park, where pretty white fluffies drifted down from trees onto the grass, wondering if this neighborhood might be home soon.

Aziza, in Kuwait, props her son up on a chair for Bench Monday (a flickr group gaining much momentum), which usually passes her by before she realizes it. This week, she remembered and got to participate. Such a clever idea.

Kristin, in Maine, aids in and witnesses a little girl's dream come true, in the form of a perfect pink tutu.

We missed RC this week, as she was admirably taking some time to do some self care, but she will be back next week.

And from our ever growing, ever new,  flickr group


Week 26 group mosaic 2

rhonda gibson, redorgray, susiej35, debbsga

Week 26 group mosaic 3

the russians are here, suz or sooze, xantheberkeley, Just Ree,

hollyindavis, Abby Lanes

Week 26 group mosaic 1

 Kathryn Froilan, Cosi!, aussieguera

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week 25 ~ seas and a song

All of these images were taken by different photographers across the globe at the same moment, Wednesday, May 13th at 10:19 a.m.

Did you ever hear that song, from Sesame Street, which goes with the game where you have to figure out which one of four objects doesn't fit the category? It goes "One of these things is not like the others..." That's what I thought of when I put this week's mosaic together. From Cory, RC, and Aziza we have color galore. From me (Rachel), well, not so much.

Week 25 mosaic copy

Clockwise from top right

RC, in Los Angeles, found herself in a beautiful deep blue sea of Freshman Comp papers, grading and commenting, and nearly missed the moment. Lucky for us she didn't. I could get lost in that blue.

Cory, in Connecticut, found herself amongst a sea of boxes. Taking giant leaps lately, having been recently married and now preparing for a move to Maryland, she is ripping through chapter after chapter in the book of her life. I have a feeling it's turning out to be a very long, very interesting book.

Aziza, in Kuwait, found herself in a sea of kids at the school's annual concert, creeping up near the stage, trying to get a good capture.

Rachel, in Seattle, really didn't find herself in a sea of anything, as is consistent with the theme of her photo being the outlier in the group. Instead, she found herself, umm…. well…. in the bathroom, hanging out, doing stuff. tee hee.

We missed Kristin this week, but she will be back next week. A dedicated and creative mom of three, I'm amazed that she is able to participate as often as she does.

Play along with ~ all I need is a moment the flickr group

Week 25 group mosaic copy Week 25 group mosaic key copy


1.rhonda gibson     2. ryan     3. Chessiekitty      4. xantheberkeley 

5. cfisherphotography     6. sabine’s fotos     7. redorgray     8. debbsga    

9. keli h     10. Abby Lanes     11. hollyindavis     12. zen granny    

13. Shooting Sunset     14. hilwegner       

Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 24

All of these images were taken by different photographers across the globe at the same moment, Tuesday, May 5th at 9:43 a.m.

nurturing ourselves and others

Clockwise from top right

Kristin, in Maine, reflects on buckets of rain and the song it reminds her of, in a moment focused being.

Rachel, in Seattle, takes a moment to notice, to absorb, the scene of father nurturing son with his time, attention, and touch during an otherwise busy weekday morning.

RC, in Los Angeles, was not in Los Angeles this week. She attended her beloved daughter's (Cory) wedding in Connecticut. Here, she and daughter spend a treasured moment together, cameras in hand, on a sort of photographic scavenger hunt for an interesting looking "Q".

Cory, in Connecticut, and her mom (RC) spend some quality time in common creative pursuits. Cory is protecting her camera in the rain, shooting down her body, at her feet, which stand on a low wall. Just married and enjoying a visit from mom, the moments where plentiful and happy.

Aziza, in Kuwait, champion mom that she is, just back from the doctor's with medicine for her young daughter, who suffered some aftereffects of a high fever.

Week 24 mosaic copy


The mighty mighty Flickr Group


Week 24 group mosaic copy

from left to right, top to bottom

                                    Abby Lanes                               Kathryn Froilan

                                    Just Ree                                   ryan

                                    rhonda gibson                           non negotiable

                                    Naturally Clare                          zen granny

                                    Naturally Clare (continued)       Zozoandgrace

Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 23

All of these images were taken by different photographers across the globe at the same moment, Friday, April 24th at 3:29 p.m

Week 23 Mosaic copy

the monumental and the everyday

From left to right

RC in Los Angeles, was dreaming and doodling, about a long awaited day soon to come.

Kristin, in Maine, celebrates flukishly warm weather with open wide windows, and catches this stunning scene of dancing curtains, happy in their waking from a winter's nap.

Aziza, in Kuwait, helps little minds, alive with spring fever, with homework and such earth bound tasks.

Cory, in Connecticut, attends to the making of her wedding dress. She, beloved Dean, (and a handful of family members) came together on May 3, 2009 to be joined, officially, after many years of love and adventure together, in marriage. My (Rachel) cup runith over with love and joy for them.

Rachel, in Seattle, took in the simple pleasure of food made by someone else (some amazing vegetarian Chinese takeout).


and from our monumental, ever growing,

 flickr group

  Week 23 group mosaic copy

from left to right

Abby Lanes



Just Ree

rhonda gibson



Kathryn Froilan



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